Members’ Meetings

Artist of the Month Rules
☆ AOTM must be a member in good standing
☆ Once an artist wins AOTM, s/he may not win again during the current meeting year
☆ Work must be a finished piece, framed or gallery wrapped
☆ Work must have been completed with-in the last 2 years
☆ Work cannot have been submitted in a GVAL critique session during the same meeting
☆ Work may be done in any fine art medium
☆ Winning AOTM artwork may be submitted into the GVAL Juried Art Show
☆ AOTM winners are eligible for the Artist of the Year contest, awarded in June


Critique Guidelines
☆ Submitted works must be unfinished work
☆ Works should not be framed
☆ Once critiqued, works may not be submitted for AOTM during the same meeting
☆ Works do not have to be original works and can be studies or works done in workshops
☆ Works should be ones the artist needs suggestions or directions to improve
☆ Works must be submitted by a member in good standing