GVAL Welcomes New and Returning Board Members

GVAL held its annual election at the May membership meeting. We are pleased to announce the following positions:

  • Co-chairperson: Michelle Cornelius
  • Co-chairperson: Isabella Huin
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Marsha Blumm
  • Membership: Marsha Blumm
  • Show Coordinator: Jean Smith
  • Artist Coordinator: Diane Fales
  • Newsletter/Website:  Michael Hayslip
  • Meeting Coordinator: Suzy Muller

The new board members are enthusiastic to get started in with their new positions. Please, help us welcome them to the GVAL Board.


One Response to GVAL Welcomes New and Returning Board Members

  1. Michelle August 19, 2010 at 1:56 pm #

    I’m still the chairperson. Can you put my name back up there?