GVAL Board Meeting Minutes



April 29, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 6:39 pm by Michelle Cornelius.

Attendees:  Michelle, Jasmine, Michael, Diane, Isabela, Jean, Suzy, Marsha

Upcoming Board Elections –

Board Position Nominations

Chairperson – Michelle Cornelius

Co-Chair – Isabela Huin

Secretary/Treasurer – Marsha Blumm

Membership – Marsha Blumm

Show Coordinator – Jean Smith

Artist Coordinator – Diane Failes

Newsletter/Website – Michael Hayslip

Meeting Coordinator – Suzy Muller

    Anita has submitted a letter relinquishing her position as Secretary/Treasurer and authority to sign on the bank account. It was recommended that position of Membership by joined with Secretary/Treasurer.
    Members should print their own ballots from their email and bring to meeting.

Mercy Hospital meeting/art sale –

    It has been decided to postpone until next year

Dustin Van Wenchel Workshop –

    Michelle reports that this event will be scheduled for the fall.


Art Show Committee –

Art Walk – Jean met with Lucinda Lewis regarding a GVAL Booths for sales during 90th Birthday Celebration.

Gilbert Days – Prospectus for the Annual Art Show needs to be published by July.

Riparian – Event after the first of the year, possible Plein Aire events.

Website –

    The artwork/Logo needs to be updated.  Members who are interested should email JPEG’s of potential Logos to Michelle before social.  Vote on Logo held at the Social.  Diane will research logos from other art groups.

Newsletter –

    Is being distributed in a timely manner.

Membership –

    Marsha reported two new members

Secretary/Treasurer –

    No report.  Marsha has taken over the duties, will meet with Michelle next week to change signature cards.

Artists Coordinator –

    Diane will is arranging to have art displayed at Busteel Physical Therapy and will be recontacting Bergie’s about hanging there.

Meeting Coordinator – Sandra Wilderman will be doing the October presentation -“Business Side of Art”


    Michelle has suggested a “Kids Summer Art Camp” One or two week camp for kids with a morning session and an afternoon session with members volunteering their skills and time to introduce art to kids. Possibly in July if arrangements can be made.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:33 pm.

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