The 7th Annual Fine Art Show Winners

Our 7th Annual Fine Art Show was a great success. Thanks to all who participated and visited the exhibit. The awards ceremony was conducted on November 22 where our winners were announced.  Here is the list of winners. Don’t forget to check out the photos too.

Best of Show: Shoes and Heels by Tanina Jackson
Peoples Choice: Waiting Her Turn by Donna Leonard
Hugs and Kisses by Sandra Neumann Wilderman;  Old Ship by Elaine Kinser;  Constellation #1 by Isabela Huin.
Stormy by Michelle Cornelius;  Presidential Advisors by Rose Wells;  Dressage by Michele Borquin.
Gabby Hayes by Donna Leonard;  Morning Bouquet by Linda Fox;  Spirits in the Dusk by Diane M. Fales.
Silos by Michael Hayslip;  Modesty by Shawn K. Mason;  Tidepool Residents of a Rocky Intertidal Zone #1 by Pamela Saalbach.
Grandmother’s Pitcher by Sandra Neumann Wilderman;  China by Nicolae Sinu;  View from Chateau Vaulx by Josephine Lazarus.
Alternative Media:
Zulu Cross (Glass)  by Lucille Enos;  Roots (Mixed Media) by Deborah Randall;  Candle Holder (Glass) by Lucille Enos.

Here is a view of the exhibit and each of the pieces included in the show.

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