2008 Annual Art Show Winners

Best in Show
James E. Wilson “Doc Dinon”

Peoples Choice
Deborah L. Piasecki “Native Arizona”

1st place: Ronnie Long “Lucky Fish”
2nd  place: Deborah L. Piasecki “3 Generations Deep”
3rd place Diana Piedimonte “Apple Harvest”

1st place: Deborah Randall “The Typesetter”
2nd place James Davis “Medicine Man”
3rd place Sandra T. Browne “Untitled Wall Hanging”, “Bamboo”, “Copper & Black”

1st place: Michelle Cornelius “Puffin Take Off”
2nd place: Jessie Engler (Student) “Ox of a Different Caliber”
3rd place: Jacqueline Price “Ballet Slippers”

1st place: Laurent Baig “Sycamore & Maple Leaves”
2nd place: George Lenz “Always and Forever”
3rd place: Michael Hayslip “Dragon Flower”

1st place: James E. Wilson “Chow Time”
2nd place: Jean Smith “Portrait of Courage”
3rd place: Lisa Britton “Pomegranate”

1st place: James E. Wilson “Doc Dinon”
2nd place: Katbhleen Escobar “Sunny Poinsettia”
3rd place: Arlene Davey “Can We Reach?”

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