Tips for Preparing an Artist Demonstation

An artist demonstration is a powerful selling tool that helps to pull observers in your art. Here is a sample outline for an artist demonstration:

Topics to discuss:

  • What is your favorite medium and why?
  • What was the first medium you used?
  • What is the present medium you are using?
  • What is your main inspiration or subject matter?
  • At what age you first realized that your were interested in art?
  • What schools or classes have you attended or graduated from?
  • Where do you do your art?  (In your home, studio, at a job, or on the job when you wish your were home in your studio)
  • What awards have you won?
  • Have you been in any publications?
  • Do you create your art for yourself?
  • Do you give your art as gifts or is it for sale?
  • What was your favorite work of art you have produced so far?  Do you still have it? A picture?  Why is it your favorite?
  • How much time you usually spend on a project?
  • When you are finished with your piece, how do you display it for viewing?
  • Any other noteworthy bit of information is always good and personalizes your presentation

Demo hints (describe in detail or do an actual demonstration):

  • A list of supplies you need.
  • Will you start with a photo or from real life?
  • Do you do a preliminary drawing or rough in?
  • Do you wear protective clothing?
  • Is there any kind of pretreatment of canvas such as gesso or under painting?
  • How many layers do you generally need to accomplish your finished project?
  • Do you use a fixative or varnish?
  • Do you use chemicals that should be used only in ventilated areas?
  • Are there aspects of your medium that are hazardous to your health?

Be sure to ask your audience if they have any questions when you are finished!

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